Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


1) Exclusive Photographer. The Photographer should be the exclusive professional photographer to shoot the wedding, retained by the Client . Of course Family and friends can take pictures during the wedding or reception as long as they do not interfere with the Photographer’s duties and don’t shoot poses arranged by the Photographer: anything that might disturb the photographer with timing or light.

2) The client may cancel their contract with the photographer at any time up to four months before the date of wedding by sending written notice or email.

3) The Photographer shall own the copyright of all images and photographic materials created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions. The Photographer shall only make reproductions for the Client or for the Photographer’s portfolio, self-promotions, entry in photography contests or art exhibitions , advertising, editorial use, including printed materials.

4) All negative/digital files remain the property of the photographer. However, the photographer will give all high resolution files to the client ready to use, on USB, by the web, with copyright information for personal use. The digital files shall remain the property of the photographer and shall be kept by them for not less than 12 months from the wedding date.

5) The customer has to communicate us the wedding locations ( getting ready, ceremony, reception) before to sign the contract. In the case the costumer changes the condition the contract is not valid.

6) When the customer receives the contract by email, our availability and the service conditions are valid 15 days. The service is booked with the contract signed and the deposit (deposit max 48 hours after we receive the contract signed).

7) Vendor fee external photographer is not inclusive in a price list and photo package

8) We do accept delays to a maximum of 20 minutes. In the case the delay is more than 30 minutes PhotostudioAB charge a extra time ( 1 hour)

9) The customer receives the Preview of the photos maximum 21 days after the wedding.

10) The clients have 30 days to deposit the final payment after the wedding date

11)  We accept to work with external videographer, but sometimes we have met in the event a no professional videographer. Please contact us before to sign the contract with PhotostudioAB if you have a videographer in your wedding. The videographer can’t stop or molest our work. We are not responsible for damage, lost time and interference by no professional videographer.

12) We are not responsible for other vendors ( delay, or other problems or mistakes)

13) The wedding coordinator can’t sell our service. If the customer want to book the service with us we request a signed contract.

14) Please to inform your guests to facilitate our work during the wedding ( it’s ok to shoot a photos with smartphone or other device but please help us to get a clean images)

15) PhotostudioAB is not responsible for damage or loss to persons or property.

16) Please includes beverage and food for the photographers in the package with more than 6 hours cover

17) The Photographers will arrive at the location 30 minutes before the start service

18) The price list is valid with maximum 150 guests. Please let us know the total of your guestes before the event.

19) We are not responsible for the appearance and integrity of the beach and the wedding venue ( for example sea weed on the beach), Bride/Groom skin or hair ( example sun burns ) or other problem of wedding coordination ( delays and other)

20) The edited photos are B/W or color, we don’t admit any change.

21) The clients have max 1 month to pay the service or deposit the final Payment.

22) We include 1 Call with the costumer before the reservation. Other message and communication by the email

23) The Clients as the Resort have to give us the opportunity to work in a safe and quite enviorament. We are not in charge for any restriction provide by the Location/ Venue/ Property

24) When the client send the deposit accepts automatically the the terms and conditions.

25) We send the photos to the clients max 72 hours after we have received the final Payment

26) We accept changes at edited photo in a 10% of the total number.

27) No date limit (the client can postpone the wedding date for free)

28) The deposit is not refundable

29) The client will receive the same quality and style photos as showed in our portfolio pages

30) Royalty free images without watermark (with print license)

31) The client can upgrade the Photography and video package with a message by the email or during the wedding meeting

32) Photo warranty 12 months (PhotostudioAB is in charge for the delivery and in the case the client lose the files during 12 months.)



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