Wedding under the rain

The last week in playa del carmen, Dream resort riviera maya. A very cloudy day, it was not a good weather for a wedding, but i have looked for a solution…..  Everytime my mission is guarantee a professional service in any condition.

This is the feedback:

” Hola Alessandro..we are now back at work and in the cold, wishing we were
still in Mexico. The pictures are fantastic, we have shared them with friends and they all had a great time remembering the day and how much fun you brought to the
entire experience. Mucho Gracias”

Jim and Joanne

1 Comment

  1. Your creativity was amazing Alessandro, we still enjoy all of the photo’s and you are right it was a very dull day but you made it shine with your smile and enthusiasm.
    Again Thank you for sharing in our day and capturing it os beautifully.
    Joanne & Jim

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