Reportage ” Los ninos de la colosio”

Shoot 4 Change is a nonprofit organization made out of  (both pros and amateurs) photographers, designers, artists and other dreamers who share part of their time  for shooting  humanitarian reportages for NGOs and other social organizations. S4C isn’t intended just to be  a charitable organisation but rather as a hub of experiencse and best practices. S4C acknowledge  the value of quality photography and the need to remunerate the efforts and the creativity of its members. No photo, reportage or other results of s4c projects are given free of charge to commercial entities (newspapers, magazines, publishers) unless for promotional uses. In case of remuneration derived from selling single photos or entire reportages to commercial entities, the revenues are used to support social projects and to reimbourse the costs bore by the volunteers. S4C volunteers are available – free of charge –  to those subjects (individuals and associations) that do not have means to afford photo coverage of their work and cannot access mainstream communication, therefore remaining unknown.

“This is my new photoproject in BW. Six months of job in a visionary mexico. 66 portraits.” Author Alessandro Banchelli

You can watch all the photos in this link

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