Marcela and Jadah

Playa del carmen, Punta Esmeralda

Photo By Alessandro Banchelli

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  1. As you can see in these pictures, my wife and I had a great time taking photos with Alessandro. We really enjoyed how nice, funny, and professional he was.
    Coming to Mexico from America we were a little apprehensive of leaving the resort with a person we didn’t know, but Alessandro quickly put us at ease with his charm.

    The day we were scheduled to take pictures it was cloudy and beginning to rain at our resort, we were so worried but Alessandro drove us around Playa Del Carmen looking for the right spot where we could take photos with a cloud free sky, this was a huge relief.
    What also made our photo session great was that Alessandro speaks multiple languages, so we could both understand him, my wife speaks Spanish and English but I only speak English, so it made it great that he could communicate to us in both languages.

    I highly recommend Alessandro, he does a MUCH better job with photography than what is offered at the resort. The day before we left Mexico, we saw resort photographers taking photos of families and couples and they were so plain and dull with no excitement ( unlike photo sessions with Alesssandro, having some fun makes better photos)

    Additionally, photo sessions with Alessandro is cheaper and a better value for your money. He was willing to give us an edited photo cd with an additional cd that included all pictures, or we could have recieved printed photos. We decided to get the cds because transporting pictures back to America could ruin photos we bought but most importantly we could print as many different pictures and sizes as we wanted with the cds. NOBODY else will offer you this! This is another HUGE reason to get photos with him. In the future we will definitely look for him to do anniversary photos.

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