3 photos awarded by Inspiration photographers 15th Edition

My photos are awarded by Inspiration Photographers 15th Edition. I’m very happy and proud, Thanks to my customers, my collaborators, my family and friends to support me. 3 images awarded. Take a look 🙂

Mis fotos recibieron premios en la 15th edition de Inspiration photographers, Estoy muy orgulloso y feliz. Gracias a mis clientes, mis colaboradores y mi familia y amigos por el apoyo. 3 imagenes premiadas

Sono state premiate 3 mie foto nella 15 edizione di Inspiration photographers. Sono molto felice e orgoglioso, Grazie ad i miei clienti, collaboratori, alla mia famiglia ed a i miei amici per il loro supporto. 3 foto premiate



Another edition of the Inspiration Awards! The clock seems to tick faster when we’re happy! It seems to have been just a blink of an eye but we are already in 15th Inspiration Awards Edition! To say that we are proud seems little to what we feel when following the trajectory of the participants and winners. It is much more than talent, it is preparation, it is learning, it is pure dedication. Congratulations to all participants of this round! We’d like to thank our judges with deep gratitude: Antonio Tita (Argentina), Ricardo Grajeda Castañeda (Mexico), Robison Kunz (Brazil) – video judges – Cristiano Ostinelli (Italy), Emin Kuliyev (USA), Oscar Castro (Mexico) – photos judges – it is incredible the work of these professionals who commit their time, knowledge and talent for choosing the best among the best. ( Facebook Inspiration Photographers)


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