Wedding photo Book and Album

Wedding photo Book and Album Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico

I would like to show to my clients the new photo book and album by PhotostudioAB. Our proposal are very elegant and fine, we love to offer a minimalist album where the images looks very brilliants and wiht amazing details. We use for our wedding photo book only professional papers and fine art printer. The Wedding photo album are available in glossy or matte paper.

Material   Genuine leather / Pro Leather
Papers: Glossy/ Matte
Design: Background: Black/ White
Personalized Cover Black and White, Color
Box Yes/No
Ink print in digital offset

The images are printed ink on rough or glossy board of high weight in grams. Differently to the common ink jet printer, this technology is able of performance in terms of chromatic, definitions and life time quality of the inks comparable to those found in the best of books.

Photo Book Horizontal

Photo Book Small                                        10″ x 12.5″

Photo Book Medium                                   11″ x 13.5″

Photo Book Big                                            12″ x 15″

Photo book Square

Photo Book  Small                                         10″ x 10″ 

Photo Book Medium                                     12″ x 12″

Photo Book Big                                               15″x15″




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